About the film

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24 Hours


An independant documentary film project


The film tells five life stories, shot in a single day. The personages are people of modern Bulgaria – an elderly couple, a businessmen, a paragliding pilot, a young artist, living alone high in the mountains, and an ordinary family, dealing with a special challenge every single day.

24 hours shows a mixture of love, success, happiness, adventure, pain, hope – all those feelings that make life so exceptional.

It is a film about the country we live in, so full of contrasts, about its unbelievable nature, about the common people, the eccentrics, the survivors and our everlasting hope. During the filming, there were no interviews or “provoked” situations. We tried to stay impartial observers and reflect the true state and existence of the characters, as far as we can. Alongside that, we also aimed to create a film of high visual and sound quality, of very “cinematic” aesthetics and with a specially composed soundtrack. The idea of the film is to show that the best thing we all have is our ability to survive and not to lose hope; that even in hard and uncertain times, humanity and love can help us overcome even the hardest moments, go on and never give up.

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